What’s the Frequency?

This is a test using Frequency 2.0 OSX Blogging client. Man will I be happy if this works. I have a lot of excuses to my absence of post or review or anything, and all of them have viable merits but it all falls upon my shoulders for not working through it all. To sum up my experience thus far; when you blog you either do it right, or do it off the cuff. As a person who enjoys a good read, a well put together thought, I have put my foot forward like that. What I didn’t realize was how much thought, revision, iteration it takes to make something of that breed. As an article gets longer, a review gets more indepth, you start seeing that it takes 2 hrs to post something meaningful. Maybe I’ll hybridize myself over time. A little more light and to the point ie Gizmodo, and when something merits it, giving it more diligent time and love.

I’m trying, adapting to a new consistant medium takes a goodly effort.