I’m a married man

I’m a married man now. My bride is the always radiant Robin Ciordia. We got married at the Mecklenburg County Old Courthouse. It was quite simple, and true to form had the Ciordia humor front and center. During the ceremony the Magistrate pronounced my name Ricardo. I said, Richard, but she did it again, Ricardo, no, excuse me, Richard. Oh, it has ‘Ricardo’ right here and spins the paperwork out to me. Well I’ll be, it does say “RichardO”. With that matter behind us the ceremony went off wonderfully giving our parents a nice show. Leaky faucets were abound. Of course after the ceremony when I was talking with the Magistrate on if I should follow up on the typo, my dad leans over and says, “It’s really Retardo.” Don’t let anyone say a Ciordia has no humor.