its been another busy one

First and foremost, happy Fourth of July. A date when we celebrated our indepedence from sovereignty. Our forefathers worked very hard to create a system that would not allow any one ruler through a series of checks and balances. They understood that the human character was a weak and fragile one. It is unfortunate that most of this system is broken. Ah I digress. I’m not going to soapbox it today though.. no.. not today. I’m just here to summarize this weeks moments.

This week was a busy one. It was my birthday earlier this week. Jeff came over and gave me a Waring DF200 Professional Deep Fryer. If you all only knew how much of my kitchen has been composed of by him, you’d be amazed. Needless to say, a great thanks go to Jeff. We trialed out the fryer with some golden fried shrimp & hushpuppies on Saturday and they were delicious! Now I fear where the fryer will take me next.

Robin and my wedding is fast approaching. We’ve picked out our menu, our wines, the desserts, our rings, and are in the final legs of narrowing down where we will have a short honeymoon. We also went to the County Deeds office on Thursday and registered for our wedding license. We then took a stroll down to the old court house (img) to find out where we would be, available parking, the general lay of the land. Everything is looking green on this end.

The rest of the weekend is to be spent relaxing, blogging, gaming, and cleaning the house. Sounds good to me. 🙂