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AFF Jump 2, Success

Two down! The second jump was far far better than my first and leaves me with a great feeling of accomplishment. It can’t be described how wacky you get on a first jump. Your senses are overloaded and what that translates into is an easy ability to get lost, bewildered, and confused. On my first […]

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Weekend Wash

We rose a little before 6am on Saturday getting our things together to head down to Skydive Carolina in Chester, SC. I was scheduled for an 8am AFF (Assisted Free Fall) class to start my multitude of jumps to aquire a class A skydiving license. We arrived on schedule and it was going to be […]

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The Beginning of a Long Fall

Today marks a day of commitment. After years of talking about it I signed up for [Skydive Carolina’s](http://www.skydivecarolina.com/) accellerated free fall program ([AFF](http://www.skydivecarolina.com/training/rate_card-aff.html)). September 23rd will be a day of coursework then a long step out of a perfectly good plane. I am so very excited to have finally firmed this up and am taking […]

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