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Stability returning

Glitches begone! So the machines stability is getting better. I have to pick up a larger UPS / battery backup. The one I have just does not handle power fluxuations around our home. Makes me cringe every time we flicker. Upgraded to Movable Type 3.2. Thought it was easy, but then due to the way […]

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The story of the glitch

Man this has been a real pain. Whoever said technology makes life easier should really be held accountable. hehehe. I’d like to try and break this down into laymen terms but it’s rather difficult. In my machine there were three drives. * Boot / Root drive (sata) * /opt = archive & application file store […]

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Technical Glitches

The drive MovableType is situated on is dieing. I lost a portion of my photography archive and a handful of important programs that help us get things done. Working on a solution that doesn’t break the bank but expect downtime over the next week. I know part of the blog is corrupted in places, watch […]

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