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Cupping for the Masses, part 1

I’ve been a consistant [cupper](“Flickr: Cupping” http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciordia/search/tags:cupping/) at our local [Counter Culture Coffee](http://www.counterculturecoffee.com) training facility since its inception. Over the last year I’ve met all flavors of coffee drinkers, start-ups, enthusiasts, professionals, and the curious. I’ve also held informal cuppings in the home and been to [Earth Fare](http://www.earthfare.com) for their community tasting classes/gatherings. Over time […]

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Quickies.. Wassaap

The kitchen job went bust.. long story short the people who we paid to insure proper measurements measured wrong. This caused a 6″ gap in the counter which basically shut down forward progress on installing a kitchen. Of course the old counter had been removed prior to learning this therefore finagling was involved. In the […]

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