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Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Writers Wasteland

I write so much content it scares me. If I had known I was going to be writing as much as I do when I was a kid I would have paid far more attention to the mechanics of english. While I have a good grasp I probably write like a monkey to some. It’s […]

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Fundraising with Friends, Co-Starring Chocolate and Pork

Warning, if you are a strong vegetarian onwards you should know I am a great omnivore and only have respect for my foodsources. This article is highly doused in the art of pork and I hope you will still love me in the end. I think I’m finally fully out of my meat-choco-coma. It took […]

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Dagoba Mocha, No Whip

I only have to say, you want this. You really really want this. -a

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