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Scott Miller’s Essential Skills Course

What can you learn from a day intensive on canopy instruction? A freakin ton. Should it be mandatory? You betcha! I learned more than my mind could capture over a 12 hour seminar given by Scott Miller and his [Freedom of Flight](http://freedomofflight.tv/public/index.php?which=canopy) Essentials Canopy course. Robin and I packed up and went down to [Skydive […]

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Skydive 13 & 14

[YouTube Video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN37SynENJw): It was a great day out this weekend. Spring is definitely in the air and I was too. Soon after reaching the [Skydive Carolina](http://skydivecarolina.com) dropzone I was on a load to the heavens. As I quickly got my gear, inspected it, and sat on the plane ride in anticipation I reflected on how […]

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