Off with his…….hair!

After at least 20 years of having or growing my (awesome) mane did it get lopped off.  It wasn’t a wild hair (hah.) During Robin’s 2nd trimester over a year ago I said I’d grow my hair out as long as I was able and donate it when Logan was born.  Well he was born […]

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SDC Early January

So happy to have a little air time in. Beautiful day in the 60’s during January, priceless.


Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe


Logan’s First Xmas 2011

Logan’s First Xmas, Flickr Set

Why is banking culture so bad?

So I’m pretty irritated by most banking culture. Banks made bad decisions.  They got bailed out, and they are still being given access to a lot of cash for 0% or very very low percentages. This means they can make even more money. Merchant Accounts, the good and bad. Banks also give merchant accounts.  These […]

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First Month of Logan Ciordia

July 15th, 2011 my first son was born into the world.  We’ve had our trials and tribulations but the birth of Richard Logan Ciordia was without incident.  Robin began mild contractions on July 14th, at around 1am.  For 21 hours we stayed at home and I got to take care of her, 3 square meals, […]

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Psychology, Sleep, and Wakemate

I’ve been a big fan of psychology and awake/sleep states. When I was in my 20s I studied at The Monroe Institute (binural/hemisync) and really enjoyed exerting control over our these levels. These lessons have been with me through hypnosis training and applications far and wide. One segment of study that has always intrigued me […]

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